Hello Anna Marciniak

I only managed to do the 1. exercise. I struggled with the camera and also the timer played up and I was terribly aware of the camera running. So for today only this exercise 5 minutes out of 57 minutes recorded. Editing is not that easy.


Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, thank you for posting the video so I can see it. It was great to see the three of your horses and yourself interacting again. I am very happy that you tried the same experience with three horses, you can see that their responses are different but they have the same message for you: they all need you to connect more with your body, so you can help them to connect with their bodies, too. 


Now please try the same experience yet we will divide it with BodyMarc:

5-10 minutes of BodyMarc on the mat by the paddock,
7 minutes of Best/Worst with 1 minute break
And then again 5-10 minutes BodyMarc.

Please repeat this exercise again, when you have energy again in the way described above. Remember about seeking pleasure coming from the body in all phases and experiences 🙂


Petra Webstein Voila, thank you Anna, I will do that tomorrow.  


Petra Webstein Just a quick message to tell you that something interesting happened last night: My horses did not come in for their dinner last night at all. So I decided to not gather them to bring them in but go with their choice. However Rosie wandered to a far edge of the property at midnight and Apreeto could not find her, so he was calling and calling until I got out and found her for him, then he relaxed as we brought her back. So funny.   Haha


Anna Marciniak Seems like you all have your BreakingFree moments 💪🏼😉


Petra Webstein Hello Anna Marciniak, I did the exercise today. Rosie was the only one with me, I collected her to come with me into the arena. Normally the boys follow her but they did not, they stayed away however supervising from the distance. So I did BodyMarc. Rosie was licking and chewing a lot while I was laying next to her doing it. Then it followed by doing walking with Rosie which did not happen. She just did not want to do it, she maybe did a step twice. God bless her. So I returned to the BodyMarc and she was licking and chewing again. 
All of a sudden I felt something next to me and voila both boys stood there looking at me on the floor. I was surprised because I did not hear them coming at all.


I am noticing that whenever I approach the walking either with Rosie or before also with the others I have this question mark rising, are they coming wiht me or not and I can feel not. And of course they don’t. 


So I am very successful in “failing” to do the task and to make it even a better “failure” the camera did not want to work either today!

Oh what the heck … maybe this is also a Break Through moment. 😏

Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, many of your experiences as you can see come from fear, when you do BodyMarc this fear has a chance to be released and new things can happen, without you worrying about them or noticing them even (like horses approaching you). In the same way we want you to be able to act – without worries, thinking or any question marks rising as they inhibit your actions. Its like you have 100Euro before you start an action. 1 Euro you spent on intention, and then, normally, 99Euro would go for fulfilling the action and bringing back it’s fruits. With all the worries on the way, you spend 1 Euro on intention, then 80 Euro on worrying and then you have only 19 Euro left to support furies of your action rising 🙂 I know you know what I mean! Look how with BodyMarc many of your desires (other horses joining you) were fulfilled without you even thinking about it. We need more of it. Connection with the body and action without fear or worries. This teaches our first experience Best/Worst Exercise. Please record movie for me with the tasks from the previous list. I will be able not only to comment your experiences and guide you further, but also better choose for you the video from other students experiencing the same exercise!  


Petra Webstein Thank you Anna Marciniak, your words are true and I know this as you said. Now my next steps are to embody this truth. You know at one stage (this comes to mind now as an example) I had a couple of llamas and alpacas, not mine but they were here as “lawn mowers”. They were not tamed by their owners. So there was a point where I had to move them to a certain point. I pondered about it and came up with some ideas but I knew it would be almost impossible. So while driving in my car home (a lot of things are happening for me while I am driving my car on a country road) I was pondering it and all of a sudden a had a smile on my face and thought how nice it would be if they just moved themselves. When I drove into the property, they did have moved themselves and I only had to shut the gate. George also gave me quite a few of these experiences where he talks to me whether I am physically there or not. He can alert me to things such as fires and other things happening that need human attention. He also showed me how to moon bathe, he taught me that the only moment that counts is NOW. He showed me how I think and experience emotions affects my environment. 


I will do the exercise as you suggest today. 


Petra Webstein I had to go for a drive to do some shopping and while driving it occurred to me that I have not finished the post to you. I am well aware of that my fears and worries are speaking here still. I am holding myself back because I am aware of the impact that I can have on my horses. I fear I am too strong, too overbearing and hence they all disappear far away from me. And a part of me is really glad they do because I do not want to hurt them in any way.


So onto new shores … now.


Anna Marciniak I look forward to seeing your videos Petra Webstein. For the moment you and your horses both will enjoy interaction on the physical plane, and more connection with the physical plane with yourself individually and with one another. We cannot dive deeper into the spiritual when the physical is overlooked or neglected.