Hello Petra Webstein!

Exercises for you for your next meeting with your horses:

I would love you to record for me videos with the below exercises, each exercise in a separate video. Please keep them short around 5 minutes each, so you leave only the most important parts on which we will focus.

I will see all the videos, comment them, and give you more guidance from me.

1. Transition halt – walk, and walk – halt in the BEST / WORST way.

2. Changing direction in walk – in the BEST / WORST way.

3. Backing-up halt-back up in the BEST / WORST way.

Please remember about being relaxed and Calm all the time, whenever you feel any sort of heaviness or tiredness – make a break or finish for that day altogether. Enter the WORST phase always in a different way, do not repeat the WORST ways nor the BEST ways, every action should be NEW. For now do not think about what is happening, do not create any theories, do not try to find any patterns. Just experience, have fun and seek more and more pleasurable experiences within your body.

If any waves of emotions are coming, allow them to express themselves to the fullness, and then simply move forward. Do not attach yourself to the emotions that come, just accept them, allow them to be expressed, and then be curious about what will come next.

Please upload for me the videos as they are coming I will comment them and give you more guidance 🙂

HAVE FUN and STAY CALM!  ❤️❤️❤️

Petra WebsteinWonderful I am looking forward to this exercise today!!!!!