Hello Anna Marciniak

Today I decided I will only play with Apreeto as I got a sense yesterday that he wants more exclusive time with me. I decided I will take him into the arena for a walk on the halter first, then taking off the lead, then taking off the halter all together and see what eventuates in the session being open to change my first intention.

I got him from the grazing pad he was together with George and put his halter on, putting the lead robe on and lead him to the arena. He was not really happy to come with me first but then followed. 

BEST – In the arena I started to walk with him he was following but falling behind at times not walking next to me. It felt a little as I would drag him along.
WORST – I still had him on a halter and lead robe and I just walked. I decided to take my attention off the feeling that I got from him that I dragged him, concentrated more on what I was doing, decided to step over some poles that were lying around and to my surprise he followed over the steps with a much better attitude than I expected. 

From here on it is a bit of a blur what happened in the different phases, it varied between me feeling again that I was dragging him to him following easier. At one point (now the lead robe being off but I had a whip, I walked away from him about 5 to 6 metres, facing him (as he did not move at all), crouching down and feeling an overwhelming sadness looking at him seeing his sadness. I said out loud to him: “I can see and feel your sadness and I wish I would know what I could do to change that, I like you very much”. Then I cried. He all of a sudden started to move towards me and then was sniffing me very gently. We stayed like that for a while.
Then I tried lunging him, felt that tenseness again and when I asked my body what to do, it said to swing the whip in circles and just move and dance to the rhythm I feel inside me. Apreeto started to lift his body and trotted very nicely, then got into a slow canter but kicking his back a couple of times also towards me and furting a lot. I did let him decide where he wanted to go and followed his directions. 
He was a bit buffed out and so was I. I tried to do more but he said no, so I decided to stop the exercise before the time was actually up.

Sorry for not putting this up earlier, I got visitors unexpectedly and when they left I was so tired, I was just falling into bed. 🧚‍♀️Anna Marciniak Hello Petra Webstein, I am very happy that you are more and more open to experience new things. For now, understanding what is happening is not important. What is important is to experience as much as you can in Calmness, without judging and valuing the experiences. Keep everything light, happy and short. Finish the exercises, before you feel tired and before you see that everything becomes heavy. The idea to walk with your horse is very good for the Best/Worst Exercises, try to repeat it with more lightness, and use the WORST all the time in a different way – every action that you take both in WORST and BEST phases should be different, and not related to what you already did or did in the past. Just enjoy, do not think too much, do not create any theories. Have fun, and follow your body to express it’s fun.   Petra Webstein Yes, by today when I was doing the exercise with George it came to me as well that I do not have to think too much and just stop if there is no response or I feel him or me are getting tired. Tomorrow I intend to work with Apreeto again.