Hello Anna Marciniak, I was procrastinating starting this exercise – what if I turn out to be an absolute fury and out of control?

Then when I decided to do it, I did the making of bed for 2 sets and found myself rolling on the bed when I was in the WORST phase. It was lovely. 

Then I did folding washing and linen for 2 sets and noticed that I can not do it perfectly enough how much I try, it frustrated me enourmously. So the clothes flew around the room when I came to the WORST phase. In the second set the WORST phase ended up with me investigating the clothes further and then deciding that I don’t have to throw them around, I can just put them away.

The last set of 2 was about making tea. I don’t drink much tea but I imagined I had to make a tea in a nice manner for a guest of mine. Again, I could not do it good enough for my taste. When it came to the WORST phase, the tea was just finished making and I also thought I would serve a bit of cake with it (BEST PHASE) so this was all standing there. I decided to dip the cake and have a bite and then I saw the grapes I bought today and I dropped them into the hot tea. Then I took a teaspoon and got them out again and tasted them. It was delicious, hot grapes, their taste was so much more intensive.

The WORST phase seem to provoke creativity in me also movement in a way. 

Interesting … 👣Anna Marciniak Very good experiences Petra Webstein, thank you for sharing 🙂 Observe yourself with curiosity and whenever you feel frustration rising just stop and for a moment rest eyes on something that is a part of nature OR start to breathe lightly in such a way that there are no obstacles to your breath in your body. And continue experiences, because this is the only way we grow – through direct experience.