by Petra of the Realm of Soul Meadows

Wisdom of self in healing

deer in forrestt

Reading by Kuthumi and Adamus St. Germain – August 2010

Dearest Petra,

Thank you for letting me join you in the field with you and the horses. Nothing delights me more than to join you when you are playing with life in your passion and joy.

And that is really the key to what you are asking today.

This connection between sprit and matter which shows so clearly in physical/body means is just what you have alluded to. It is merely a reflection of HOW you are connecting to experience.

When you connect in joy and knowing that you can command energies (see Adamus St. Germain is joining us today as well….) then that knowledge that you can change anything within your physical world is possible. That is why Rosie has shown you this. This was as much your creation as hers. Rosie showed you that patience and trust allows the energy around physical things to move.

Patience is so important with this. Yes, you could change things in an instant BUT then expecting this also blocks it from happening. Its a bit of a Catch-22. So its wonderful that you know this but be aware that this knowledge is then becoming a mindful limitation upon manifesting.

That then is where  trust comes in, in knowing that all is well in all of creation, in that everything is perfect. This removes a layer of judgement, which you have shown yourself with Rosie. All around people were saying ‘this should happen’ or ‘you should do this’ but you went into allowing it unfold with the trust all would be ok no matter the outcome.

With health issues in particular there is so much mass consciousness tied to it as well because of medical practices and research which locks doctors and society into how an illness should be treated and how it will progress. Like you said, another layer is that once you experience the ailment you do lock yourself into how you THINK you will experience it and  many times this comes from the past well (and yes past lives too). So many many layers…..

But the link you are feeling now comes down to three simple things: trust, patience and awareness and these all blend into acceptance.

When you accept where things are at, then this frees up the energy to move the energy around that situation.

Lock yourself into how you THINK or EXPECT it to turn out then you compress the energy around it. (Remember the wave with all the charges around it at the Mystery school?)

You crowd it with thinking, processing and beliefs that slows the flow down.

That is why the breath is so ‘healing’. It brings in that trust, the patience and awareness and it communicates with every cell that you know you are the creator and you command energy.

It is just about coming back to that space to ‘recharge’ these parts of you.

I am going to tell you a little story about a past life in which you were a healer as that aspect is coming forward now and their story will move some energy.

You lived in southern Europe around 300 years ago on the outskirts of a village, on the edge of a forest. Though you did not have any ‘domestic’ animals you were very connected to them. So birds would come to your windows to be hand fed and deer would come close to you so you could touch them. You watched when you saw some were ill and you knew you would not see them for much longer. This made you sad but you also knew that this was natural.

Your occupation at the time was making herbal drinks for people who were ill you were an apothecary if you need a name. You would wander the forest finding herbs, lichens, etc to makes these tonics. Sometimes you would see an animal eating something and it was as though they were showing you that the reason they were eating it was to help heal something within them. In fact one day you noted that a deer who had rough patches upon its hide eating some bark off a tree. When you saw it some weeks later its hide was back to normal- so you used that bark to help people with skin and hair problems. There were many other examples too….

But what perplexed you was that you could give four people the same potion for the same ailment and you would get four different responses: one might heal, another might partially, another might get worse, the other may not react at all.

So you sat outside one day  and looked at the animals wondering why they were so different, that they could instinctively find what they needed when they needed it, yet humans needed others and even then may not heal. You ended up wandering into the forest and you saw a deer who was very ill lying against a fallen tree. As you got nearer you could see it was near its end but your passion to heal kicked in. You saw its hide was very damaged from the same affliction that the deer has sought bark so you went and gathered some. When you held it to the deer’s mouth it refused to open and turned away.

“I understand” you said to the deer, and left it in peace to return home.

What you understood was this: how you choose to be ill is a choice. How you choose to seek support or help is a choice. How you choose to end that illness is also a choice whether you are human or animal.

So now you remember the choice and you see it play out before you and within you.

Remember the trust, patience and awareness- and that allows the energy to move.



Let one of my horses help you attune yourself to the strong, clear and wise being you came here to be