Participating in events / workshops / activities around horses

The terms EVENT / WORKSHOP / ACTIVITIES referred to below, means any horse related activity, being undertaken at any time, and at any venue.

I acknowledge and agree as a condition of participating that neither the participants, DANCING WITH MY HORSES or any subdivisions thereof, facilitators, volunteers, any persons, promoters, sponsors, advertisers, owners and lessees of premises used to conduct the EVENT(S), shall be under any liability for my death or any bodily injury, loss or damage which may be sustained or incurred by me, as a result of participation in or being present at the event(s), not even in regard to any rights I may have arising under the Trade Practices Act 1974.

I acknowledge that equestrian activities are dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage, can, and do happen.

I acknowledge that in this kind of events / workshops and activities an emotional response either from the participant or the horse can be triggered and a transformation process invoked. 

I understand that, due to the nature of the horse the content of the workshop(s) may vary or may be even prevented for a period of time (‘standstill’).

I acknowledge and agree that a standstill is a risk of participation in the event/activity and agree that I will pay me fee regardless unless the event/workshop is canceled by the organiser. 

By ticking the box when enrolling for the event/workshop I confirm I have read and understood the content of this disclaimer.

Legal Disclaimer

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