Accidents, healing and proud flesh

Equine ointment self made

In every horse owners life there is the day when you have to deal with wounds. Horses are really prone to proud flesh. I experienced that myself many times over and have used different ways to control the developing of proud flesh including using copper sulphate.

However the one I loved best, was easiest to use and was not a health hazard to your horse (if they would lick and scratch on wounds which have copper sulphate on them) is the turmeric paste.

I made up a batch, put it in a glass jar with a lid and have a small paint brush ready to smear the paste over and into the wound. You will find that in colder days the paste will be a little more solid because of the coconut oil used in there but it will disolve really quickly once you have put it onto the wound.

I applied it at least twice a day.

Here is the recipe to create your own ointment


- 6 tablespoons of Turmeric (good quality)

- 1/2 teaspoon of grinded black pepper

- around 1/2 litre of water

- 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil


Put the Turmeric and the water into a pan and slowly heat it up, stay with it as you need to watch it. The water is absorbed quite quickly and it turns into a thick paste. Turn off the heat and add the pepper and coconut oil and stir until you have a consistent paste.

Fill it into your glass jar and close it with a lid. Here it is, your ointment that will help you with many problems not just proud flesh in a great way that even when the animal licks it, does more good than harm for them.


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