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Lately I experienced the interaction with many professionals who offer their services around equine health. There is a problem with one of my horses, in the horse world it is deemed to be a serious problem! I don't want to name it here for a simple reason ... it would spark more argumentation and leading away from looking what is going on "behind the scenes":

As a horse owner I have always the best for my horse at heart and I consider all the options that are being put onto my table.

The horse sees directly into you!

How are you doing when you are with your horse? Are you aware of how you are feeling?

- Calm, happy and joyful?

- Slightly irritated because of how your day went so far?

- Sad because you are occupied with something that occupies you at the moment?

- Stressed, nervous because there is so much more to do and get done in your day?

As I progress in the studies of Mastering Alchemy (5th year at the time of writing this article) I would like to share with you the concept of the 7 Layers of Thought by Jim Self - Founder of Mastering Alchemy which I believe are very insightful to our connection and being with our horses.

First, I would like to share Jim Self's teaching about the 7 Layers of Thoughts. Then I would like to share with you what I have experienced using this "7 Layers of Thoughts" with my horses. 

Omaru Apreeto - DancingwithmyHorses.com

Animals, especially those who are human pets, have a great capacity to relate at heart level. They are here to serve and love unconditionally. If you approach it from your heart to their heart, you establish that relationship at the heart level. You can do this for exampe by physically touching them and just resting your hands on them and allowing on giving love to them and then receiving it back.

Apreeto Rosie George

With the arrival of Omaru Apreeto, a new dimension has opened in our world. I would like to share what the horses George, Rosie and Omaru Apreeto have taught me so that you can feel this and take it with you when you go out and connect with your animal friends:

"We, the animals, are showing you balance, balance in physical attributes and character but also in energetics. We are like mirrors for yourself to see how these very different energies can relate to you, as well as with each other. Have no fear! As you no longer fear parts of yourself then why would you fear anything outside of you that reflects this.

What is energetic leadership? Does one have it all the time, can you loose it and if yes, can you gain it back? We are looking at these questions and providing an approach.

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“Standing in front of a horse at liberty creates a space where you can meet yourself.” Petra Webstein


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