Rosie Webstein

Much can be said about Rosie ... she is indeed a precious, fine pony with the biggest heart.

She was rescued from a paddock where nobody took care of her, leaving her with hooves that looked like clown shoes and a quite severe stifle lock. She had to fend for herself and defend herself at any price.

This rendered her to a "tough" little creature which is just her outer shell. 

He first reaction with people in general would be a quite feisty one where she would let people know without a shadow of a doubt from a distance that they are not really welcome as such unless somebody recognises her quite fragile inner being and approaches accordingly.

She is certainly not one to be told, her woundings would cause her to bite and kick vehemently.

I feel that her sweetness that has such an attraction, and her being such a little horse, has caused people to be overwhelming to her, she was possibly used for kids which I know she would not be the best horse for. 

She has taught me about softness, tenderness and calmness like no one before. Once she feels understood, she is the most lovely creature to be around. She too helps people finding their inner child (profiled as a Child by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling) and playfulness when they come to have the "Rosie experience".

She lives with Aramis and has found in him a wonderful compagnion and protector while she is giving him the warmth of an open innocent heart.

“Being with horses is easy. It's not about how you do it, but how it feels. To experience the gift of the inner diameter of the horse, one needs to meet it with sincerity and honesty.” Mara Zimmerli


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